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This is the first Tumblr fansite made for the Barretto family. The photos I post or reblog here are not mine unless stated. I am not affiliated with the Barrettos; I am simply a fan.


color palette
Credits to JBeauties for the original photo
gemayni asked ano source of updated information of Julia Barretto, because honestly I've been watching Julia barretto even when she was still in Kokey

Mga Twitter fansites po. :)

Look who was carrying the train of her dress though.. Julsquared.
*** BarrettoSwag - currently on hiatus ***

Hello everyone! Since school has begun and time must be allotted in studies, I have decided to take a break from this fanpage. No, I am not deleting ‘barrettoswag’ nor am I abandoning it entirely. I love this blog and it is a huge part of my life, therefore I cannot just opt to leave it so quickly behind. Trust me, I’ve given much thought about this.
So, I’m taking a hiatus. It means I’m coming back when I’m not that busy anymore. There will be times when I’ll go online to check up on things and see how the Barretto Society is going. I’ll even leave a few reblogs on queue for all of you! However, this website will be practically dormant, unfortunately.
This is sad news to me, because I do enjoy editing and posting things for you guys, and I appreciate all the things you have done to make this blog the blog it is now. So thank you. I apologize as well for having to do this, but priorities must be set straight. I’m sure all of you are busy with school and/or work too! And I understand that. I do hope you understand me as well.
This is not goodbye, my fellow Julianatics. I will be back before you know it!
Love, barrettoswag 💕

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